Mr. Salazar has been in healthcare since 1983. He founded 13 primary care physician offices in the South Florida area. The group consisted of 35 primary care physicians ranging from internal medicine physicians to family practice. In addition, Mr. Salazar contracted with approximately 100 multi-specialty physicians throughout the Dade, Broward and Palm Beach county areas. He was able to negotiate highly favorable contracts with these specialty physicians, which enabled his primary care physician offices to provide cost effective services for their patients. This healthcare group continued to prosper under his leadership until 1993 when the firm was acquired by a large medical services organization. Mr. Salazar remained in healthcare and established himself as a consultant and at the same time purchased a minority interest in Florida IV Services, Inc. In 1998, he became the president of the managed care division of a publicly traded healthcare company. Although he was instrumental in overseeing this division for several years, Mr. Salazar observed the growth potential of the Homecare market, resigned from his position and established Florida Homecare Services while taking an active role in Florida IV Services. Subsequently, Salazar purchased the outstanding shares from his partners and took control of Florida IV Services.  Mr. Salazar rebranded Florida Homecare Services and Florida IV Services to Atenda Healthcare Solutions (Atenda). Over the ten-year period of time, he remained committed to enhancing the quality of services and the profitability of these Companies.  Together with Cheri Rodgers – COO, the team grew revenues for Atenda to over $80 Million serving over 1.2 million managed care lives.  Mr. Salazar sold Atenda and subsidiaries in 2009 to Univita Healthcare Solutions.  Mr. Salazar joined the Board of Directors of Univita for a short-time until he was presented with an opportunity to purchase primary care physician practices and subsequently acquire Regional Medical Associates (RMA), A Medical Services Organization. RMA was acquired within 18 months by MCCI Medical Group Shortly after the sale of RMA in 2012, Mr. Salazar was approached by several large managed care plans inquiring as to his desire to form a new integrated post-acute homecare company.  He partnered with Cheri Rodgers his former COO at Atenda and Ramon Falero a long-time friend and banker to open and build One Homecare Solutions (One) and its subsidiary companies.  One Homecare Solutions was established in 2013 and Mr. Salazar has been instrumental in the company’s growth to annual revenues of more than $85   million dollars.  Mr. Salazar serves as CEO of One focusing on Growth and Strategic Opportunities continues in order to build upon the company’s core services and expanding the service offerings and developing new programs focused in the home.