Mrs. Rodgers has been in healthcare since 1989. She began her career with a large managed healthcare plan and was with the Plan for approximately ten years.  She held various roles during her tenure; physician contracting, provider relations and in the administration and management of their wholly owned physician practices. Through her experience the Health Plan, Rodgers was instrumental in training and growing the plan’s provider networks. Towards the latter part of her career with the company, she directed the operations for the wholly owned medical practices and positioned them for member growth. When the managed care company decided to spin-off the medical practices, Mrs. Rodgers was offered a position with a publicly traded healthcare company that acquired the practices she was managing. She chose to leave the managed care company so that she could continue to utilize her expertise in the area of physician practice management.  During the following two years, Mrs. Rodgers worked as the Director of Operations, continuing to manage and oversee fifteen primary care practices in the South Florida, Tri-county area. During her time there, Guillermo Salazar identified Mrs. Rodgers as a key individual that and recruited her as COO for his newly formed integrated healthcare company – Atenda Healthcare Solutions. (“Atenda”)

Mrs. Rodgers brought her managed care and physician practice management experience to Atenda and developed customer satisfaction programs along with being instrumental in designing the proprietary software system.  During her ten years at the company, Mrs. Rodgers was instrumental growing revenues and was directly responsible for managing the P&L.  She maintained all of Atenda’s contractual relationships and played a major role in expanding the geographic footprint throughout the State of Florida, in addition to new client acquisition in the form of Exclusive Managed Care Health Plan Payor Contracts. In her role as COO for Atenda, Rodgers was responsible for the operations, namely the company’s subsidiary operations for the Home Benefit Management, the Specialty Infusion Pharmacy and the Nursing Management Company. Mrs. Rodgers also worked closely with Atenda’s Durable Medical Equipment Company for growth and development.

After the sale of Atenda in 2009, Mrs. Rodgers remained with the acquiring company, Univita Healthcare Solutions.  During her time at Univita, she continued to maintain contractual relationships with many of the existing Health Plans and joined the Business Development Team supporting the growth of the company.  Mrs. Rodgers left Univita in 2013 and returned to primary care by joining a large Medical Services Organization.  In 2013, Mr. Salazar formed One Homecare Solutions, LLC. and Subsidiaries (“One”) a new post-acute homecare benefit management company and invited Rodgers to co-found and build the company. She is an operating partner and acts as the Chief Operating Officer at One Homecare Solutions.  During her time at One, she has assisted in designing the new state-of-art software program and the opening and licensing of the various facilities.  Cheri has helped to grow One into one of the largest integrated home benefit management company and has helped to build innovative new post-acute care programs.  She continues to develop, acquire and maintain payor relationships as well as the development of new strategic products and innovative programs within these relationships.  Mrs. Rodgers focuses on operations, contract compliance. marketing, payor relations and implementation of new clients along with expansion into new markets.

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